*Junk Gypsy Giveaway*

I hope y’all did your homework and watched The Junk Gypsies tonight because 1 person will win a surprise giveaway of “JUNK”!  Okay if y’all watched then you should be able to answer these questions right. Get all of them right and you are in the running to win this giveaway!

  1. What are the Junk Gypsies Names?
  2. Who’s room did the Gypsies decorate?
  3. Where did the Gypsies stop for coffee?
  4. What was painted in the closest of the room they decorated?

Okay there you go, you have until high noon on Sunday 06/24 to answer these questions, in the comment section below. Those of you who answer right will be in the drawing for some Junk. Good Luck!

(image credit:Junk Gypsy)


Calling All Junk Gypsies! (Giveaway)

I have told y’all before what a fan I am of  The Junk Gypsies and their show on HGTV. Make sure you watch Junk Gypsies on HGTV tonight at 7pm EST and take notes because 1 lucky High5Saver Fan will win some “Junk” from Gypsyville!

So watch the show, I will ask you a few questions and the winner (drawn at random if more than one fan gets all questions correct) wins JUNK!

Contest closes Sunday 06/24 @ high noon!

(image credit: The Junk Gypsy Company)

True Lovin’ The Junk Gypsies!!!

Okay first off “True Lovin’” means I am all about something, I mean I am hooked and loving it! I have to admit I am a reality show junkie and I also love HGTV. So while clicking through the channels this past weekend I came across a show on HGTV I have never seen before called The Junk Gypsies. I was immediately hooked! Y’all need to check these ladies and their family out. They do amazing stuff with junk!

Their show comes on Saturday nights 6pm central time on HGTV. Check them out and come back and tell me what y’all think. 


(image credit: The Junk Gypsies)